Taking the Initiative!

Last Update: September 19, 2018

I felt its time that I shared a little about myself. For me, going forward has always been an absolute goal. But, to be honest, the last few months have felt like I have seen my goal, only to find myself in a traffic jam called life. It is so unnerving to live and put your dreams aside until you have more time. Or is it?

Patience is not one of my true virtues and I embrace it! It allowed me to research what feels like hours of research to find that one idea that will generate an income; that moment you know you've accomplished something that very few had the will power to see through.

I have learned the valuable lesson of taking the initiative. After completing my studies, getting stuck in a menial job, 'upgrading' to a desk job and after a year realized the challenge in it was completely and utterly gone, I felt it was time to live life my way!

It doesn't happen overnight though and time likes to teach me that lesson constantly. But I know my results are guaranteed, even if some people question my goals, the absurd approaches I take and the fact that for some reason they don't see the result as well.

My incentive for you is, don't give up on that idea in the back of your head. Don't let people question your ability to achieve it. It is the odd people, the odd ideas that make the bigger waves.

What the mind believes, it can achieve.

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