Wow! I am in 200 Rank WA? This is quite an accomplishment and a good surprise from WA

Last Update: December 08, 2017

Hey! there my fellow WA'er,

I am so glad to announce this as part of my milestone achievement which i have never thought of having to gain, after losing my job on the 6th Dec 2017.

This is so much better than i thought after losing my job. At least, i found another passion to deliver my voice in engineering fields (coming soon). This is what get me going and I always believe - when one door shut, another door shall open.

I encourage all of us to be unique in their posting and be true to head voice when we are replying posting in WA. This helps us to be unique and getting unique idea to be share in this community with effective posting.

It is something that i learn along the way in WA, where i found passion in replying post with the topic that resonate to my thought and passion. I was not even bother about my ranking in WA.

And I remembered when my ranking was about thousand over, i say to myself, that's okay, i am not here to be rank in WA, i am here to deliver my passion and achievement of being who I am and deliver things that i learnt from outside to help others in my network to helping succeed.

Throughout my journey in WA, i also gained a lot more friends and new WA'er to my network that show their interest in my passion and leading towards the area of my thoughts (which this in return inspire the people around me) that would help improve their writing, passion to finding their own niche, and unique in delivering post that produce effective result in WA.

All the best to all of us in WA - keep writing, keep posting and keep momentum on the right direction and most of all have fun.


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MKearns Premium
Now you can be found on the ranking map!
JY2018 Premium
Not sure what’s next after this - hope to keep the momentum going and see how this pans out.

JLennon Premium
Congratulations, John! Focus and hard work got you here, keep on and you will go much farther, All the best.
JY2018 Premium
Thank you Joe, am glad to be part of the 200 TOP rank.

Hopefully the moment of making the dream of a lifestyle in digital nomad does come true one day.