Never ever ever Quit

Last Update: February 12, 2014

Hello fellow WA members. If you have read my profile you know where i come from. Wealthy Affiliates is the greatest thing since sliced bread. for a long time Ive been searching for this very thing for a very long time. spent about $3000. a year ago to a credited on line college still have the books, but they did not have the support WA has I know this is it my dream come true. I will make my million,it might take me a few years but thats ok,Im a fisherman I have lots of patience.And with the help of all my new friends i will see my dream come true. For last word ill say JUSTKEN

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Wardlib Premium
You are on the right place! Good luck.
BIS Premium
Good for you Ken. Wishing you every success. :) Beverley
yancbren Premium
Wishing you much success, and I to think this is an awesome place to learn everything we need with the training and the people.
Johnson Premium
Bravo, good for you. Push forward and succeed.
mrsljc0909 Premium
I hope you reach that million. I concur with never giving up. There are a lot of frustrations and things to learn, keep on truckin'.