My army - my family

Last Update: June 03, 2016


My Uncle was in the (French) amy my cousin was in the American (Amy) snippers. I am An Anguillian and although we don't have a bodied force on land the british stand ready to defend us. Salute!

On our island we have two special armed forces (PVI) pantha vibes international and our families.

In march, we surprise our uncle with an out of the world birthday party to our surprise it was the first time any of us had ever seen uncle frenchie cry. what a day, family togetherness means death to the unnamed solider. we march with a cause, we rage with a cause our AxA, our family, our home.

Every day thousands of soldiers stand ready to defend what they treasure, their home, rights, freedom and justice. My uncle retired more then 40 years ago but we still recognise him as a hero my cousin and all those who ever served a heart felt thank you and great respect to all.


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Ecowarrior Premium
My Grandfather was at Gallipoli in the First World War, and was awarded a DCM. vey proud of him! It is a shame we need an army and I always aspire to Peace in this world one day! A girl can dream!
Regards, Lisa
just4Kicks Premium
r u American
just4Kicks Premium
so I took the time to read up ...SAD
I seriously hope you take the time to look up pvi-pantha vibes international as mentioned in my blog will soon be time for them and others to be back on the road...salute!!