Fear Or Faith?

Last Update: Mar 19, 2020

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What's driving you?

And what's driving your audience?

There's no question that we are living in absolutely unprecedented times that are impacting our own lives and our audiences that we never thought would have been possible weeks ago.

Have you been changing or shifting in the way you're creating content?

I know I have been... it feels wrong to me to be blatantly blasting great opportunity offers right now. That's a frustrating thing because I've got a really amazing one but I've shifted and I'm putting it out in a Plan B for now.

It seems really wrong when I see posts on social media with a life saving product or opportunity so I've been trying to create more value orientated content there.

As people are shifting and settling into a new reality and way of living now I want to find ways to make them feel better about that and when the shock of things wears off then it's a good time to introduce opportunities.

I think some people are paralyzed with fear right now and are most certainly spending alot more time online where they can get that fear reinforced... and that fear factor isn't going to help take them where they want to go.

As people begin to realize and have faith that everything will be ok I think it's going to be easier to take positive steps forward and to embrace opportunity again.

What do you think...

Are you seeing more fear in people or more faith now?

And is it making a difference for you in your online business?

Here's to all of us moving through these challenging times with as much as grace, faith and positivity as we possibly can. Wishing you and yours safety and wellness.

Recent Comments


Thanks for this thoughtful post Judy. I will just say that in my 45 years travelling around some of the many hot spots of the world, doing what I do, I still believe ultimately in the inexorable fortitude, determination and persistence of the human race to survive and win. I also believe that the best of us will always have time to look after the weakest and most vulnerable of us.

Thanks for the post it was a good reminder of what should be important even if it is sometimes forgotten.

Stay safe and well my friend 🧐

Simple Prayer

We all need to
Pray a little longer
Love a little deeper
Reach out to those in need more.

Praying we all find what we are looking for in life, realizing it starts with relationships.
The greatest one of all is the one we have with Jesus.
He is ready for us to talk, He will always listen.

I pray a hedge of protection and provision for all my friends and family, that they are only made better by these times we are in.
In Jesus name, Amen.

Chris from Texas 🤠

yes, Judy, there is a great shift and I have been talking about health and healthy living from the very beginning hence the saying Always a better way. Before I wasn't getting noticed very much but we have a group here in WA that are like-minded and we created a group page on FB. We are getting stronger working together creating new bonds and ways of looking at things.

HIG"s was created ( Health innovated groups) come and visit us we would love to have another WA member on board.
Always a better way Linda

Thanks for this great post!
It is true that when we are faced with the unknown, we can easily let ourselves slip into fear. So let's take the time to recover and keep faith in the future. Because there is enough to have faith when we see this whole medical and paramedical body sacrificed their night and their day to keep people alive.
We owe it to them to emerge from this crisis stronger and more grateful than before this complicated period. It is an ordeal like many others that we have experienced in the past.

Stay safe!


Thank you for the article. Faith is what drives me every day.

My greatest fear is to not be able to provide for those I love, yet I know God has got it covered.

In this time of reset we are all facing, may we consider:

Pray a little longer
Love a little deeper
Reach out further to those in need

May we all be a little better in all we do.❤️

Chris from Texas 🤠🙏🎚❤️

Thanks Chris, strong faith is what will get us through this and allow us to help others. Hope you're well.


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