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Hello my WA friends. I've been missing in action at WA for a little over 2 weeks. I was in an accident - broke both arms! Had surgery on my right arm which required inserting a medical plate to fix/fuse the humerus bone. The bigger issue is that I also had nerve compression injury on my left arm. Nerves take longer to heal. My wrists and hands are functional - but don't ask me to wave to you with either arm! After being in hospital for 16 days, I am on the mend and starting to use the compu
Payza has been charged by the US Government for operating a money services business without the necessary licenses and transmitting funds that came from illegal activity.The charges have been made public. Anyone interested in the filed indictment can read it at: have a small balance that's been sitting there for years, ever since the days it was called Alertpay. I went to the site to see if I can claim or withdraw it. Well, I was taken to an insecu
While researching the latest on AMP technology to decide whether I should add it to my website, I came across Google's announcement on 8 March 2018If I interpret this correctly, it means G has learned lessons from AMP technology and has decided to pursue instant loading that is "NOT BASED" (my emphasis) on AMP but on bringing the benefits of AMP to meet open web standards. For anyone who does not know, AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages. it in line with
Are you searching to find your passion? I wrote this post for you. Much has been written about the importance of finding your passion in order to succeed. I would like to share a different perspective.Steven Spielberg Dreams For A Living - Can You? Steven Spielberg is known for saying "I dream for a living". He is one of the lucky ones. He did not have to find his passion. His talent found it for him. He tells the story of how his passion for film making began. It happened after he made
Do you often ask yourself why it is taking so long to move forward with your online business. You have studied hard, learned a great deal, developed new skills, built your website with targeted keywords, yet nothing is happening - no buyers, no profits. What is going on? A website is not a business - until you make it one! In the beginning, it is like a house with rooms. Each room has a different purpose. You have filled it with nice furniture, and your lawn and gardens look beautiful, a