Time and Frustration

Last Update: June 23, 2016

Things get in the way: life, work, anything and everything. This sometimes leads to frustration. Especially, when you have a passion for something and you're unable to spend time cultivating it. This has been the past two weeks for me. Leading up to a mini vacation, a serious family problem came up that has changed the dynamic in which I live. There's a bit of sadness there and it hangs over me with everything that I've been doing since then.

But, sometimes, through adversity, a spark of motivation is lit. While I feel like I'm quite behind on my site, I have been able to get over the hump and prep two new articles for AutoRestoNewb. I just need to finish the polish and get them out there.

Another bit of frustration is just trying to get the traffic to my site. Granted, my content isn't large. I just need to keep posting. But, time is a factor and quality is something I am not willing to compromise, even if it takes me "forever" to get something out.

A conundrum. Just have to find a way to balance and kick butt.

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Candirocks Premium
I've had the same. Done very little for 10 days. Will restart tomorrow
JDunyon Premium
Balance brings harmony. Though life will sometimes create chaos finding your way back to balance is important. Good for you for finding your way back. I know you've got this going forward:)
MPollock Premium
Your doing fine, if family needs help, they are first. and then go back to wa,
ClaudiaHB Premium
hang in there - yes, family issues can sometimes put a break into our progress, but you seem to have the right mindset, that will keep you going until you make profit. Good luck and all the best!