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I sent my webpage that I designed with the help of WordPress of course! My mom was very unsure of what I was doing or how this was going to help me. Well, have ya ever wanted to just curl up into a little ball and disappear? Well this was the moment for me. I felt like this: If someone goes and buys a Starbucks large cup of coffee and it could cost you $5.00 (for now). If you buy it everyday morning which means you have now racked up $25.00 for one week of work. For that 1 week of buys coffee
I finally have my Website up and have taken the time to put in my personal information. The days are going by faster then I can learn but that too is fine! As I read the lessons and then go to my website I see things that I forgot. Being thankful that I can add or delete things are great! Talking to others and learning from them is also exciting! The Bootcamp is very informative and I am glad I can refer to it often! I have listened to a few of the courses at different times to make sure I get
October 04, 2015
Getting started and not loose interest is the hardest thing for me to do these days. After starting so many different affiliates (in the past) and spending way, way too much on was truly a waste of my Time! So far I want to get started, but I am trying to find a niche that fits me and other people that might find it interesting! I have the to say that finding WA was nice and a refreshing. I am hoping this will give me what I need to actually finish something that I started! But this time with