On Alien Soil

Last Update: October 05, 2015

Today I finally finished reading "The Martian" by Andy Weir! And what a journey it has been (oh you can read on, this is no spoiler of the coming movie)!

It started the day I joined the Wealthy Affiliate, and it has been a brilliant correlation of my journey here. As I took my first fumbling solitary steps here, the astronaut took his on Mars. He encountered problems and challenges. Like I did.

That much I can tell, right? Otherwise the movie wouldn't have been directed by Ridley Scott!

He figured out lots of things. Like I did. Either by myself or with the help of the classrooms and training and this fantastic community here! Sometimes on the way to work by subway I didn't know which to open in my tablet - the book or Wealthy Affiliate - both being so captivating!

I didn't understand even half of the technical stuff the astronaut was saying, and neither did I understand it here. But I walked and worked on, like he did.

Coming home today I had only a few pages left to read so I sat down in a park to finish the book. Even if the benches are getting quite cold to sit on here in Helsinki.

After rating the book and closing the tablet, I walk towards my apartment house. A lady happens to pass by the front door, and noticing that I'm looking for my keys, she opens the door from the inside, gives a smile, lets me in and continues descending the stairs.

Going up the elevator to my floor, I see her raking the grass from leaves. And I realize that I have seen her there many times! And that she must be the one who set up those solar cell powered candles in the flower bed - arranged in a way that makes them look like the five stars of Cassiopeia. They have shone on me every time I have come home late!

Now I finally know who's been doing that! And now I finally know how the book ends. And now I know that I am going to make it here at Wealthy Affiliate. How do I know this? I just do. I've been walking around on alien soil, and it feels like home.

It will be so great to go and see that movie next week!

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AlexEvans Premium Plus
Its a tremendous feeling when you get that sense and you just know.
Jovestone Premium
Yes it is Alexander :)