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Last Update: January 14, 2019

At last, I managed to create an article and post it as my first post accomplishment. To familiarize the training I have to watch it over and over again. The start was really on a rough road but it became a challenge of patience and time management where I have to do other things while undergoing this WA training.

I now include WA as part of my daily routine and I am very inspired to do whatever task to finish every level of lesson as I move along. Although distractions are real but I have managed them all. I am happy and motivated every time I move to the next level of training until I reached this stage to write a blog.

Now and then I have to go back to the section applicable to the stage where I am at. Sometimes I need to open several windows and find the portion I am working on together with the instruction by the training videos.

I know many things to do down the road in order to reach a goal. I am always reminded of what Kyle was saying that "this is not a race". I know that getting mastery of this business needs more focus, dedication and positive mental attitude.

I could only foresee that after when things are completed under this training, WA will become my way of life as reaching my goal is the way through it.

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CathAnon Premium
Congrats on publishing your first post, Jovertex!

It is so easy to include WA as part of one's daily activities. I know exactly what you mean when you say you're happy and motivated when moving on to the next level.

Good on you! I look forward to your second post :)
Jovertex18 Premium
Thank you for viewing my post CathAnon . Hope it will be improved more as it goes. The second post was done..
CathAnon Premium
It was easy for me to relate to your article when you were describing your WA progress, so I don't think it requires much improvement.

Besides, with the amount of writing we have to do in this field, you'll soon become an expert! :)