11 thoughts that successful people follow

Last Update: January 15, 2016

We all may have went through stress full situations in our life and some had bad experiences of being exploded that harmfully affected their peace of mind. I have went through many situations in my life where I couldn't stay calm when things happened adversely. I went into numerous studies that eventually able to show me the perspective that the successful people followed in their life. So I think it would be beneficial some of us who want to stay calm and pay attention to their goals in daily life. ''A gentle answer turns away wrath, But a harsh word stirs up anger''. Proverbs 15:1. ''For God has not given us a spirit of timidity, but of power and love and discipline''. 2 Timothy 1:7. Staying calm in daily life will lead to increased attention to our actions which eventually bring about success in our life. We all know that staying calm in stressful situation is difficult. So let me write down some useful thoughts which will be helpful for us as we are looking forward to succeed in our life. But it should be noted that stress is also helpful for a tremendous life success.

1. Appreciate what we have now.

Knowing everything we need is within us is the starting point of appreciation. There is no point we compare us to the external coordinates instead we judge ourselves in relation with the ultimate consciousness. What we don't have that we don't need it now. So our purpose is to find happiness in what we have now.

2. Avoid asking ''what if''

Thinking ''what if'' is useless thought. we are not ''what if'' people instead we are '' what is now''. Don't think about ''what if '' just think about what has in front of us. I have heard some of friends telling me that ''if they had specific level of income or circumstances they would have succeeded on their journey. In my opinion that is complete lost in thoughts.

3. Stay positive

There is nothing bad on seeing positive opinion on everything. This will not ruin of peaceful mindset nor will deviate from our purpose in life. Stay in positive perspective will always give more space in our circle.

4. Disconnect

We are human people designed to be conscious and aware of this incredible life on the earth. So we need complete disconnection from the work when we are at home or people working from home need to have leisure time or holidays on which they need to be completely disconnected from work schedule even sending e mails or attending phone calls. This may seemingly strange but the fact is that if we take rest from everything to learn about our nature or purpose in life, we can enter into our working schedule with increased level of energy. In daily life it is very important to do meditation to remove all the anxious thoughts that may arise throughout the day.

5. Limit caffeine intake

I have witnessed myself more energetic in a meeting right after taking a cup of coffee which stimulate my physical actions and talk. But more increase times of coffee consumption will lead to more stress in our life. This is a scientifically proven fact.Caffeine consumption not a necessity for our good health instead this is for a short time pumping up our physical condition. But with long use, it may drag us to addicted to it and gradually it become an important part in our daily life.

6. Sleep

No question about it. Proper sleep which is 8 hours a day plays a vital part in our good health.Set a routine timings of sleep is absolutely fundamental part of our health. In ancient and traditional indian history sleep even considered as one of the best medicine in Ayurveda. We are capable to think freely and get new creative ideas if we have good sleep and more able to do work effectively

7. Squash negative talks

Avoiding repulsive talks is inevitable for a successful life. Negative thoughts is just some kind of vibrating sound happens in our brain. We should not need to give importance of those scattered magnetic field. It is like a radio playing while we doing your daily workouts.

8.Reframe the perspective

Whatever the situations you enter, look into a different perspective which position you into a challenging stand. Successful people look into life through a different angle which will reflect in their relationships, family and business. They know the similar situations which was beaten before and approach the new challenges with new tactics.

9. Breathe

Deep breath can help us to reduce the amount of stress level at least for a short period of time. The main specialty of breathing is, it is carried out in present moment.When you breath you can’t freak out. It is considered as one of the best method in Yoga practice and it is followed in my life without any failure.

10. Use the support system

People around us look for inspiration. They would like to spend quality time with people to increase their awareness, consciousness and to be motivated in their life.Online communities are mainly intended to help each other to use that support system for their business and progress of their working system.we can join any communities and use that system to recharge ourmotivation. Huge communities really help us to grow our knowledge and awarenessin every part of our life, help each other regardless the business, relationships etc..

11. Have the power to inspire others.

We are all connected and part of one consciousness. So if one person can do it you can also do it. Have faith in yourself and willingness to the actions in present moment eventually bring us to a point where we become the inspiration to others. “Great leadership usually starts with a willing heart,
a positive attitude, and a desire to make a difference”. Mac Anderson

Have a better life and wish you a success at wealthy affiliate.



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bigrog44 Premium
Well said.
joshjijo Premium
Thank you Roger.
bigrog44 Premium
U welcome.
AlexEvans Premium
Hi Jijo really good tips and advice, I should heed number 5, a work in progress at the moment.
joshjijo Premium
Perfect Alexander. You can do it and it will definitely play a pivotal role to reduce your stress and stay calm.
sahugopesh Premium
Nice thoughts.
joshjijo Premium
You are welcome sahugopesh.
RonAlderman Premium
Wonderful tips. I particularly enjoy item 8 - Reframe your perspective.
joshjijo Premium
Yes Ron. Looking at the events in our life through a different perspective will ease the stress and enable us to stay calm. This is my favorite point.
JudeP Premium
Some great points, thank you :)
joshjijo Premium
You are welcome. Jude