A $1000 eBook? Delivering Massive Value

Last Update: June 23, 2016

Will You Pay $1000 for an eBook?

How likely are you going to pay me $1000 for an eBook? Probably not, I wouldn't pay me that much either If I were me [at least as of writing this]

Okay, I admit it, I have not been getting a lot of traction on my blogs so this title was like a click bait tactic to get you to click. [Imagine my embarrassment if it still does not manage to get any traction or reach]

Can you write a $1000 eBook?

Let's get serious (now that I have your attention), if I were to tell you to write a $1000 eBook, could you write it?

Some of you reading this may have already written eBooks and others might still be struggling to get one written. Do you really think you have it in you to write an eBook that provides such massive value that you can justify retailing it for $1000?

Getting To the Point - Delivering Massive Value

There are days that I really struggle to get my butt moving. There are times when I get overwhelmed with the amount of things that I have to do on my website and there are times when I can't wait that long to be successful.

There are also times when I feel at peace. When my mind is calm and I have a light bulb moment. Times like right now as I write this.

So Here's the Deal

No matter what your deal is, what you promote or what your method to achieve financial freedom is, there are hundreds, if not thousands of people out there doing the same thing that you are trying to do.

What differentiates you from them? What differentiates them from you?

No matter what you do, there are tons of others doing the same, then how do you get yourself in the Top 3%.

It's So Simple That Most People Don't Do It.

I don't have an advice; honestly, nobody cares/listens/ follows through free advice. So here's a scenario.

I want you to write 3 articles for me on the topic of "How to Have a Productive Day during Tough Times"

No, don't actually start writing it just yet.

For the 3 articles that you are going to write [on the same topic], the payout is $10, $100 and $0 [because I am going to post this on Quora and not my website]

Where are you going to put in the maximum time, effort and resources now? The $0, $10 or $100 post?

Why - Because it provides you the most returns doesn't it?

Nothing changed except your expectations from yourself to deliver.

What If....

Everything that you did to grow your online business was as though you were going to charge $100 for access to it.

A $100 Blog Post. A newsletter you send to your subscribers that pay you $100 to just receive your email? A $100 to have access to videos you post?

If you are looking to stand out in the crowd you are going to have to deliver massive, massive value to your audience.

You cannot have a successful business without them, can you?

So the next time you write a post, post a video or send an email to your subscribers think of it as $100 gig and you will polish it to a $100 value.

If You Already Achieved a $100 Value Bench Mark

Why not move to a $1000?

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SadieChan Premium
The thing is if you are going to get good value from the ebook and eventually get the ROI from it, people will do it. But how can you be sure!
joshdsouza Premium
Hi Sadie,
I have to say that even I have thought about it a lot and still have no answer for it.

eBook was an example that I used here but I get your point. You might provide valuable content that people really appreciate but it's not necessary that you see an ROI from 100% of your audience.

A popular daily motivational podcast that I followed was free for at least a couple of years. In fact has been #1 podcast in the Self Development Category in iTunes for few years now.

Just this month the podcast went premium with only a sponsered monday show as free for non premium users. The podcaster knew he was going to lose a lot of audiece by no longer staying free but in the end he said that he was just wasn't seeing the returns commensurate to the efforts that he was putting in and he was expecting a lot of people to get mad at him but he wanted listeners who were serious enough to actually pay for his podcast [free stuff is free and no one really cares]

Needless to say I upgraded to premium there, just as I ( and even you upgraded to premium at WA)

I truly believe that WA is the best platform to start and grow an online business and I went premium but not everyone does.

So you can never be really sure, but the people who find what you provide is of value and are serious about it will provide you an ROI you are looking for.
SadieChan Premium
As someone new to the Business. I would like to create great content for the site first. Posting will be important for the site to get ranking. As Kyle said, you don't have to be a great writer to write the content but someone who can touch the heart of the audience.

Most eBook can as a free gift for Optin name list in the market. We may want to create a great Ebook to sell. But that have to come much later when the site is attracting traffic. That is my thought.
joshdsouza Premium
Hi Sadie,
I agree with what Kyle says and if you go out and check what some of the marketing "gurus" have to say, they will tell you to focus on building a list. Again the eBook thing was just an example that I used because I really struggled a lot when I had to write one.

Great writing has nothing to do with fancy words, the point is to be able to get your message out and connect with the audience.

My intent is that if I am going to do something / anything with regards to my business I want to treat it as a $100 gig [atleast for now] because I found that when I do that it changes my approach to it.
SadieChan Premium
Get what you mean, as what has often said "The money is in the List" What is more important than getting the conversion.
JudeP Premium
I have been paid more than $1,000 for writing an ebook for more than one client :)
The-Fran Premium
I don't know... I like to follow the tract of giving the best I have to give and giving it freely, if it is helping one or many. It makes me feel better as a person; in fact it makes me feel great, gains me extraordinary friends and benefits that really cannot be attributed to anything monetary.

In my twenties and thirties, I was primarily motivated by money. Solid financial "success" was fleeting, and I was confused and not grounded. That's not to say it would be the same for everyone.

Bottom line, I no longer focus on the money; but rather keep eyes locked on the purpose at hand. Financially, things work out too, even though this may seem to be unrelated to the attitude of giving.