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Well it’s been 7 years since I started my online journey here and I figured it was about time to offer my personal Wealthy Affiliate review in 2017 for any of you just getting started in the crazy world of online marketing. This post is particularly geared towards anyone who has just signed up here (or thinking about the premium membership), and is not yet sure how affiliate marketing works or how Wealthy Affiliate can help you earn a full-time income.It’s interesting, because I&rsq
Hello WA!I've been relatively quiet on my end for the last few months. Just been working on my various affiliate campaigns and getting them all ready for the Christmas season. Needless to say, I haven't had much time to interact with all of you in a while.However, the other day I began writing an article for my new IM blog (you can check it out at if you're interested in seeing an IM blog in its infancy), and it started to turn into something much bigg
For years there was a consensus that Exact-Match Domains were a great way to get a huge boost for the keywords you were looking to target. For instance, if you were looking to rank for the keyword "how to build muscle fast" having the domain name would be ideal. By merely having the exact keyword in your domain name, Google would assume that your website was relevant for the keyword and rank it highly with minimal effort on your part. And for years this w
Hello WA, just thought I'd share a rather shocking Negative SEO case study I recently came across. As many of you probably already know, Google is now penalizing sites for unnatural/spammy links. These penalties have been built into Google's algorithm with the intention of deterring site owners from trying to manipulate their rankings using paid/automated link building services. Well, it seems the emergence of these penalties has launched a whole new online warfare in Negative SEO