Keep writing, don't get distracted

Last Update: May 23, 2018

Into my 4th month at WA. First post ever. Using this to remind myself to keep writing and not get distracted. That's the goal for this month of May. As I know June will be very unproductive, with the kids around the house 24/7, as they take their month-long break from school.

I don't want to struggle between meeting my own writing targets and spending quality time with the kids. I will get grouchy with them, then it goes back to the question of why I chose to stay at home this year in the first place. It is to work on the health of my eczema kids, as well as spend time with all 4 of them so I don't miss their growing up years.

So since I know June will be a lull for my blogging journey, I'm constantly telling myself to stay off facebook (I can get very unproductive there), stay off Google Analytics (not much results to see anyway, no point obsessing over the numbers), at least for these couple of weeks while I focus on writing.

Published 10 posts in the 22 days of this month so far, press on with another 2 to 3 more to end off the month, and I'll have to shift the priority to the kids for awhile. Will still try to find time to write at night, when they're asleep, if I'm not brain-dead by then.

I have thought of saving up the posts to publish in June, but always end up just publishing them anyway.

So... keep on writing, my friends!

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MikaelM Premium Plus
sounds like great priorities - always important to focus and not get distracted too much.

All the best,
Joo77 Premium
Thank you, Mikael.