Success comes in the backend. Never FRONT!

Last Update: September 24, 2017

Money is relevant in business, but it should not always be #1 priority. Trust and quality service should precede making money from any business. Make good connections with right people and not just making money off of them.

When owning a business, success never comes right away. You need put in every single cell in your body in what you truly believe in. Without giving 100% push, you will not even come close to a $1....... -_-

Trust me, I have been in those slumps of not doing anything in my life. Even recently, I was battling demons inside me so I can finally share who I am truly am to Wealthy Affiliate. I truly believe I have something that can change society and the community.

By doing so, I need to have every single cell in my body aware and focus.

Distractions is a hell of a way to never let you near your dream. Just go forward. Aways go forward.

Today society, unfortunately, we have these type of bosses...... :(

We are here as a community not to work for others! We all have a dream and no one cannot stop you from that dream. Kyle, Carson and their team made this website for that particular reason.


So let me know what you think? Can WE as a community change the online business world?

Let me know if these posts are beneficial to you guys. Give a like if this made your day!

Have a GREAT DAY !!! :D

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AlexEvans Premium
Hi, Jonathan I really like that image and I have run across a few folks like that. You raise some good points, the thing about the online industry is that there is so much rubbish out there, by bringing a unique perspective we can indeed effect change. WA is teaching a legitimate way to do that.
JonG94 Premium
I cant agree with you anymore. WA has sure guided thousands of users to become successful and at what they love most. Also, people like you give inspiration to people like me because there are actual people out there who are willing to show....EVERYONE CAN DO IT! I am here for anything...Thank you !!