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My love/hate relationship with DrupalI built a Drupal site prior to joining WA. After going through some training here I found out that using Drupal was not ideal, in particular with link cloaking. I am surprised there were still no plugins for this. However it's advantages include but not limited to: Faster performance, Less resource intensive, Full front end customisation. Having found out the hard way, although a great learning experience, the disadvantages include:Lots of configuring requ
Hi Everybody, Not sure what thumbnail to use to complement the title. Any suggestions ?, I'd like to hear your input. (engaging the audience) :) See, I'm learning. I became a premium member yesterday. The best decision I ever made. Here we have a great community who are ever to helpful and inspiring. The learning material is also second to none.So it was getting to the exciting part towards the end of the course having built a site with the basic framework and I was hungry for more. But only to