Starting to join up the dots!

Last Update: June 21, 2015

Today has been a good day and I think I've had a small breakthrough in my understanding of how we are meant to structure things.

The whole process from identifying a target audience right the way through to a referral signing up is meant to be tailored for that specific type of audience.

By this I mean, the keywords we use to target a specific audience has to be relevant to that audience and be one that they would use. The landing page that we want them to hit should again be specific and deal with whatever the problem or issue that audience has and even the custom sign up page for WA should be related to that audience/issue too.

It's a simple idea but I've just got it!

By having a joined up process from start to finish, the likelihood of gaining more referrals must increase.

I don't think there is much point in me going back over old posts and changing them, I will just follow this idea from now on.

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tomarillotta Premium
"Connect the dots.", "Plan your work, work your plan.", "Follow the Yellow Brick Road."
john1812 Premium
Lazyblogger Premium
Glad you see a new light, but keep in mind, there no such thing as old post. All posts evolve via comments. Once there is value in those posts, they are not old. Hope this helps.

john1812 Premium
It does help Bishop,

Thanks for taking the time to comment

Best wishes