Remember Why You Started

Last Update: September 26, 2017

Some days it can be hard to get motivated, we are human after all, it's one of our flaws. You may be working two jobs as well as looking after your kids, parents or grand parents, times are tough and needs must.

Some days you may just want to sit and watch a movie or your favourite T.V. program or programs, you may even get sucked in by social media and loss endless hours of your life scrolling away through someone's profile that you would hardly speak to in the street if you met them.

Those are the days you have to remember why you started your online business, those are the days you have to ask yourself do I want the next 5 years to be the same as the last or do you want to see an improvement in your life and your circumstances.

When your tired remember that this is short term pain for long term gain, you could have a gem of a website generating a decent income up and running in a year or 2, That may sound like a long time but remember this there are people out there that go to college for twice that time!

Whatever your reason for starting whether it be to pay your mortgage, get out of debt, to get yourself a better car, a bigger house, a holiday home or a luxury yacht when you get that tired feeling.

remember why you started.


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brichnow21 Premium
Thank you, Joe!
Right now, I'm on over-drive, but today...Lost my background of my theme, trouble down loading from my phone...
That brick wall, used to cause me to just throw the towel!
People, here, keep jumping in to help, so I still willing to keep on trudging...
Progress, not perfection.
Thanks, again!
joebhoy Premium
just keep on keeping on , you'll get there, it's not a race, it's an adventure :)
brichnow21 Premium
"Too late, to back now!" , Joe!
TDBauer Premium
Good advice! Keep motivated... remember why you started doing this... and keep pushing forward.