Day 19

Last Update: December 06, 2016

Hey WA!

Just wanted to say what a joy ride it's been at Wealthy Affiliate!

In less than 3 weeks I've learned more and done more with affiliate marketing, website building and blogging than I ever thought possible. I didn't even know how much I wasn't doing ha!

The training and hands on here is the best on the net. I've created sites in the past with some self taught html bumbling and also tried some of those cookie cutter down-line affiliate sites. (I'm probably not the only one.) All went nowhere fast!

Past experience cannot compare with WA. I've got 3 sites going and ideas for 300 more!

I would really like to thank the community! The training is unmatched but the community makes it a blast! If you've been here for more than 10 minutes you know what I mean :). It took longer than it should to get this far - I couldn't drag myself away from the live training in chat! The welcome and coaching from the group keeps me grinnin'!

OK, I've preached to the choir enough. I'll save it for the website :)

If I can help any of you just ask!

Thanks for reading and have fun at WA!

- Joe

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agnesmarshal Premium
Great job thanks for sharing Joe I wish you all success in your training and journey my friend good luck
reanna1 Premium
Thanks for sharing, Joe!
JoeAsher Premium
You're welcome reanna!
I'd love to visit Greece and see some ancient construction.
Have a great day :)
- Joe
MKearns Premium
Thanks for passing on the joy Joe!
JoeAsher Premium
It's the least I can do :)