How I am getting 300 Premium members by 12.31.18 Day # 27 of 172 Principle # 2 TENACITY

Last Update: August 08, 2018

It takes Tenacity to succeed. All you have to do is look behind every successful person and you will find at some point, they could have given up. We have all done it, myself included. Just give up on an idea or a goal because of some "obsticle". Or better yet, "Put it on hold". Successful people just seem to stick it out and find a way, no matter what. When things don't go as planed successful people change the plan.

I want to keep these post short so I'll get to the point - I have a lot on my plate!!! I have a good business going, family, travel,... and now I went ahead and commited to this. Entrepreneurs are great at that. I'll manage it. I'll figure it out. I'll incorporate it into my routine....On top of that I've had some unfortunate eating incidents. Apparently I can't eat and drink anything I want anymore and when I pick something I can't have I lose a full day, sometimes 2. I was going to say that was why my last post was almost a week ago but the truth is that it's taking longer than I expected. That's when I remembered the 2nd principle. Tenacity! Just keep plugging along and it will happen. I will have over 300 Premium affiliates by 12/31/18.

See you in Vegas! Joe

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oneliab Premium
Nice to read your blog
Eugene Premium
It really takes tenacity to get what you want and where you want to go. It takes nerves to be a tightrope walker.