It's been a while.

Last Update: April 28, 2019

So, I have been m.i.a. (missing in action), for a little under a year. I have missed you all here at WA. I embarked on another journey which consisted of some personal goals and cancelled my membership here. So many months later, I gotta say; I wish I had never left.

Things get in the way some time. We make goals and cannot reach them, and get discouraged. Then we think of new goals and think we are better off doing that. I am beginning to get the concept to stick with something long enough to be successful at it.

The thing with internet marketing is, there is no timer. There is no specific time in which you can say you will make it big. All you can do is cross your fingers, and hope. Plus work and consistency of course.

The only way to be successful is to work really hard at it, and the last part, the part that most may never grasp, never give up. Even I, after a couple of years, I was letting it all slip out of my hands.

I thought I could move on and never look back. I did not do so good on my own. WA has all the tools that you need right here. I have learned that it is crazy to think this is easy and take for granted all that WA has to offer.

I learned over some time, there is no other place like WA. Though you have to pay a membership fee, and it is not cheap! It is worth it. I tried doing this on my own, using tools outside of WA; WA is worth every penny!

I am very glad to be back and hope to warped into the community in due time. I plan on working on my website, which has been left out in the cold for several months. It has still been getting traffic, and I was answering comments but that's about it.

I haven't watered it all, so it has not grown any. But I do plan on getting back into my routine with writing content and all.

We can reach our goals right here with WA. As most of you have become aware of, WA has what we all need to succeed. There is no need to branch off, or look anywhere else.

Keep striving, keep growing, and learning. I hope you succeed. I think we can, if we never give up!

- Jonathan

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MN1 Premium
Welcome back Jonathan. Like you, I once took a break from WA due to personal reason and when I came back I wish I never left for too long.

Wishing you success!

bigrog44 Premium
Welcome back, Jonathan.
Cherry21 Premium
Welcome back. Second around is sometimes better.