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August 12, 2020
Here I am logging into my account after a few months. It is so easy to lose track of your online business, among other things, and get distracted with whatever is in front of you. Of course, many of us do not have the luxury to drop everything and work on our online business. However, we never forget it, as it stays on the back of our mind. Take my situation for example. I have returned back into the automotive industry, selling automobiles. I have been doing really well, but I am reminded occa
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July 09, 2019
It is the warm season in Pennsylvania at the moment, and this means everyone is out catching up on much needed yard work. I live in a rowhome, or townhouse, and the weeds behind my yard (in the back alley), have gotten out of control. It looked like a jungle out there! I went out there and got to work. Thought I did a good deed. I came up with two large black garbage bags full of weeds.The Creepy Crawler...A couple of days later, I felt an itch on my arm. I scratched it, and it got worse. Then
April 28, 2019
So, I have been m.i.a. (missing in action), for a little under a year. I have missed you all here at WA. I embarked on another journey which consisted of some personal goals and cancelled my membership here. So many months later, I gotta say; I wish I had never left. Things get in the way some time. We make goals and cannot reach them, and get discouraged. Then we think of new goals and think we are better off doing that. I am beginning to get the concept to stick with something long enough to
May 03, 2018
I've just been reading a couple blogs here at WA, and I've been inspired to write this one. I want to say thank you to some of the major players here of WA, which are Eddy with Y, Nathaniell, IveTriedThat, Pribs, Kyle, Carson and I may have forgotten a couple. But the main idea is that these guys have inspired me to continue my WA affiliate bootcamp website time and time again. At times when these are stagnant or at a plateau it can be discouraging. I hear these guys talked about a lot the comm
April 16, 2017
About a year ago, I made a 1 Year Goal at Wealthy Affiliate. It was to continue posting 3-5x a week, and make $10k in a month. Needless to say, I failed miserably!I had to return to work last year and it slowed down my progress tremendously. I am down to posting 2x a week, and I've made a few hundred dollars, but no where near $10k. Lol I can only laugh now because I remember my state of mind when I first joined. I really thought this was going to be easy. The saying remains true, nothing great
I am super excited to announce that I've just pulled the trigger on going yearly! I feel completely dedicated to my online business and the success to come. A couple reasons I went yearly: It makes better cents!$47 or $29 a month? $29 all day! I've realized over the past few weeks that I am dedicated into building my online business. I understand that building wealth online takes time. I am willing to take the time to earn revenue online. I know it is only a matter of time before my membership
I am so excited, I made my first sale! It has been almost six months, four consistently, that I've been working on my website. I fell off for about two months because I was going through some things at home and also relocating, but I have finally been able to get back at it this past week.Some great things have happened to me this past week. I got my first $1 by one of my referrals filling out their account and now my first premium sale. Premium is so great, I don't know why everyone just doesn
I just made my first $1 the other day after someone joined and filled in their account. I was super excited! :-) People were not lying about it taking time to get yourself established in this business. I really feel fulfilled when people join WA because I know it is a wonderful place. I was amazed when I first started here and I continue to benefit from the platform. I love working on my website and writing article. Reviews aren't my strong suit but I know that they are a big help when it comes
We've gotten trapped in this tunnel, and it's like a traffic jam in here. It's a long dark path to reach our destination, which is financial success! We always have to keep moving forward. We'll never reach the end of the tunnel if we stop and procrastinate.In this long dark tunnel we have to be mindful that what lies between our current position and the end is unknown. We may have a long smooth run or it might be filled with difficult obstacles. What's important is that we take care of what ev
February 11, 2016
Hey WA Fam! Thanks for stopping by my blog. It's nice to get some readers here occasionally, lol. It's been about 2 months + a week that I've dedicated myself to this online business. As you can see on my profile I joined early 2015, but I did nothing with the opportunity. I thought it was just another one of those learn to get money online dilly dallies. lol However, now I can say it is one of the most valuable training and community platforms on the internet. So many wonderful people and so m