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"There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve, the fear of failure" Paulo Coelho
May 16, 2016
Who doesn't love avocados? One of my favorite foods of all time, you can add it to pretty much everything. But did you know Mexico is the #1 producer of Avocados in the world? What makes Avocados so unique? To start, obviously its taste, its consistency, color, and culinary versatility. The U.S is the principal importer of Avocados from Mexico, almost 10 thousand tons every year followed by France, Japan, and Canada.Other industries also benefit from the properties of this "gift from the gods"
Well it's been a couple of weeks now since my site went live and monetized, and although I have not generate revenue yet, I can see traffic increasing little by little and that excites me and gives me hope for the future.... I know it takes time, quality content, and patience to see the $$ start showing up, I'm doing my best not to go crazy by checking my google analytics every hour or so.I have to thank everyone here at WA for the constant boosts of motivation that you provide by posting inete
So, What is the reason we celebrate this day in the calendar?In the U.S May, the 5th is a reason to celebrate "Latin Heritage" although most of the people in the U.S would tell you is Mexican Independence ( wrong, wrong, wrong).This day known as "5 de Mayo" in the US has become more a marketing strategy to go out shopping or to go party than anything else. But what is the real reason 5 de mayo or May the 5th is known in Mexico?Well, we Mexicans commemorate the Battle of Puebla which took place
How important is to share? to help? to advise others?Well, this week I have learned how important it is to do all those things here at WA. Thanks to valuable fedback and comments from other memebers I have been able to improve my website tremendously adn all that would have never been possible without the advise I got from all of you guys that provided your input on my website.In a world full of selfishness, greed,and envy it is really inspirational and refreshing to see that there are still pe
Hi everyone!Well, all I have to say is wow. Its going to be almost a month since became a member and joined this community of truly amazing people. My journey has been nothing short of promising. I gotta say that at the beginning I was a little overwhelmed with all the material and the fact that I was a complete ignorant regarding the subject of bogging, creating a website, and the whole on-line marketing business made it a little hard, but the motivation from everyone has pushed me to continu