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If anyone is using the Divi theme out there and can help me, I would be forever grateful!There are 28 pages on my site with errors in Google Search Console for not being Mobility Friendly, and I have been pulling my hair out all day trying to fix them. These errors are:Clickable Content Too Close TogetherText Too Small To ReadContent Wider Than ScreenI'm not getting the errors because of font size or other elements on those posts. For some reason, these posts are coming up with all the conten
I've been working a lot to get my page speeds better, especially mobile. When I do a test, my scores are still not good at all. However, my friends and family say that my site loads as fast as any other when they pull it up and don't consider it slow at all. Most of them have a fast internet connection.We live in a very rural area and have only satellite internet as an option, and it can be very slow at times. So does anyone know how much the internet connection you are using affects the re
A Different View for Site CommentsI'm going to give a different take on Site Comments that may not be popular considering everything that I've been reading lately. There has been a lot of criticism, a lot of complaining about quality, and a lot of accusations of laziness. So let me start by saying that I've given hundreds of comments and have a 99% approval rate. Of the comments that were disapproved, one was for stating that I hadn't heard of the product before finding his blog and the othe
March 13, 2018
After weeks of seeing my articles jump on and off the Bing and Yahoo rankings, Google finally ranked one of my articles! That's just what I needed to give me the motivation to write, write, write!Everything is progressing steadily--traffic is increasing, I'm getting better rankings, and referrals are starting to come in. Best of all, I look at the body of work I've created with my site, and I feel really proud of what I've accomplished so far. I have WA and this community to thank for it!
March 03, 2018
I'm feeling good about the progress that I've made on our month 1 SWAG goals. The 12 posts are finished and I've got a good foundation of content so far. The only goals I didn't complete were the once a week blogging, being in the live chat every day, and helping 5 people every day. But I should have the flexibility this month to be more active in the community and be an asset to more members!Ready to get started on the month 2 goals!
February 09, 2018
I started in earnest here at Wealthy Affiliate at the beginning of January after my busy time at work was over (rural carrier at the post office). Currently, I'm working on my niche website and my Wealthy Affiliate site, and LOVE doing this!After publishing 13 articles and getting them indexed in Google, joining the Super Wealthy Affiliate Group, and still working through the Bootcamp and certification courses, I am finally ranked in a search engine!!! I'm on the 2nd page of Bing for my Wealt