Sweet Caroline .

Last Update: June 12, 2020

I've started putting a lot of effort in to the community here at WA . It's very true you get what you give . Not only the chance to expand on you network , but the chance to capture the feelings of how many different people express there views in there own style of writing . This has become very injoyable to me .

I love the way we share our experiences, our lives . Form the most simplest aspects to the most heartbreaking moments , our goals and our failure (learning experiences). We grow together through helping each other .

I come to find how effective it is participating in the WA community . Find myself getting more involved as every day passes . To me this is very inspiring, pushing me FOWARD to do more on my online ventures.

I might not be a creator of training , because community is not taught it's experienced together . In saying that I just want to let you all know how it's changing my life , making me a better person and a better friend . It couldn't of happen without great people like yourselves.

Falling forward : helping you helping me.


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lindace12 Premium
This is lovely to read. Thank you, Jack.
I am very new to this community, but I really look forward to all the experience that I will gain here. it is amazing, because I can feel I am already at a great start. It all begins with a warm welcome that I have found here :)
JKhlem Premium
Thanks for checking it out
JKhlem Premium
People are great here thanks for tanking the time to read the post
Packerguy Premium
I really enjoyed reading your blog post sweet caroline. You brought up something that I have noticed since the minute I first logged in and that is the sense of community and how welcoming all the members are. Everytime I log out and come back later I find a new grouping of members have posted on my feed welcoming me to the site and generally making me feel like I've always been a member not just someone who just enrolled. And that in itself is priceless.
JKhlem Premium
It’s a good place to be.
GazBower Premium
Thank you for the post Jack.
We are here to help each other grow and you are a part of that.
You learn from some and you pass your knowledge on to others.
The result is that we all grow and with that growth comes success.

Best wishes and stay safe.
LMH1968 Premium Plus
Very true Jack. It changes your mind set being a part of WA.
Have a great weekend
JKhlem Premium
You also thanks
gnoose Premium
Well said Jack. Our community, along with the training, have helped me to grow and better myself in many ways.