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Last Update: September 02, 2018

I have gone ahead and bit the bullet. We live our lives from day to day and do the best and one day we wake up look around and see all the things we have not done. All the thoughts and patterns and desires that have run through our heads are still there. Promises we have made to ourselves but not followed through on. Articles and blogs and opportunities we built in our heads and knew that if we took the step they would work, never having the courage to take the step. I open my eyes every day and they are still there. Floating for what ever reasons only I know of.

I have been with Wealthy Affiliates since 2015. I have stayed with Wealthy Affiliates because I believe in the opportunity and the concept that two courageous men set out to accomplish. When I had, shared my Ideas and Dreams for this Website with a person in my life who I thought was a friend. Then I was told in so many words I had no idea what I was talking about and was not professional enough to achieve this and no one would pay attention to the words and feelings that I have put across in my pages. Other people in my life have accused me of being a dreamer. You can't just sit there and think it will come to you. Wake up you have no idea what life is really like. I could feel them shake their head at me in disbelief. So my thoughts and ideas have circled around and around. Over the years I have take courses and learned who and what type of person I am.

I have become a Reiki master. I have learned other healing modalities that can be used to heal yourself. To remove the sadness, anger, negativity, regret, feelings of fear and anxiety. I have become more balanced and calm than I have ever been in my life.

I also decided to take some very huge steps and change my life forever. I am taking a trip to Brazil in November to see a Gentleman called (John of God). When you google him, you will find this man is a channeler. For all his life has allowed the entities use his body as a conduit so they can heal the people who have traveled thousands of miles to see him. He has healed people with Aids, Leukemia, Diabetes, Cancer, Blindness, Loss of hearing, and many more illness that can not be listed here. I am going on my own healing journey. I have a list of my own requests to be looked at and healed. The universe gives. Sometimes it will only give you what you need not what you want. For what you need may be of a greater purpose than what you want. I believe.

At best, I get to be in the same place as this gentle man of such dedication. To feel and absorb the energy that is surrounding him and his Cassa. To enjoy the time peacefully and interact with the people in the area and share with the amenities and activities they have scheduled for us in the tour group.

Upon my return I am gearing up to put the rest of my life in order. In the spring of 2019 myself and my cat are moving out of my basement suite. There are more cars on my street than houses. I find it doesn't suite me anymore. For the things I wish to do I will be moving into a house in the country. Still near enough to town but far enough to really smell the spring air when it comes.

I shared two words with a co - Affiliate the other day. They had been given to me from someone along my path.

Discipline - Activity, Training, or a regimen that develops or improves a skill a positive continuance of action to improve your life.

Diligence -constant and earnest effort to accomplish what is undertaken; persistent exertion of body or mind. To build and solid base for which your life and flourish and grow.

I have more courses I wish to take and finishing the most important blogs of my life. I am taking all the thoughts that are circling in my head and putting them to good use. For I am my Fathers Daughter, We are Dreamers.

Best Wishes to All of You at Wealthy Affiliates. The sun shines every day for all of us. Only those who feel the heat hold the belief.


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I wish you a blessed 2019 Joy!
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Live well! ... all is from within ... be happy! ... :)