Avoid the scammers!

Last Update: June 23, 2018

If you are reading this, you should count yourself as one of the luckiest people around because you finally made it to a place where people will help you make it in business, but only if you are willing to work.

Others are not quite as nice. It is sad, but also very true that there are many scammers on the World Wide Web out for nothing more than to take your hard-earned money.

I have survived the lies and misleading programs that promised the world, but deliver nothing. One of the biggest scams to avoid are the webinars. This is how they work: First you get an email or an invitation from "company" owner or a friend who wants to introduce you to a new program where you will make thousands of dollars. It is usually offered as free information and they are going to give you all the necessary information for free if you will only attend their webinar and stay with them until the end. These webinars can last anywhere from 1 hour to an hour and a half.

So you sit at your computer anxiously and you watch and listen to every thing that the host of the webinar is saying and/or showing you on a whiteboard, just waiting for the magic moment when he is going to tell you how you are going to change your life very quickly by adding a lot of money into your bank account.

Finally, you get to the end of the webinar and this is the part where the host tells you the worth of his program to get you making the money you so desire. He is offering you tens of thousands of dollars in value for the products that he is going to give you. The cost......you are waiting.....when the host blurts out, "I could very easily sell this for $10,000, but my staff and I discussed it and we felt that was too much, so for today only, I am not going to charge you $10,000, or $5000. I am not going to charge you $3,000 either. Just today you can get my complete money making package for the low market price of only.......are you ready? Only $1,995.

Then you feel your heart sink because you know you don't have $1,995 just lying around. You have just wasted an hour or more of your time listening to a bogus piece of garbage.

Fortunately, you are here at Wealthy Affiliate where you won't pay $1,995.00 and you can even join for free. Kyle and Carson are going to train you and help you get up and running and you still haven't paid a dime. But at some point you must realize that you have stumbled upon something that is the real deal and you need to upgrade for only $49 per month which will make you a premium member and give you a lot of training and so much more.

Leave your doubts outside the door my friend, jump in with both feet and get ready to experience the change your life has been waiting on, because if you can't do it here you can't do it anywhere. Avoid the Scams and stick with the real deal!

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kehaiz1 Premium
Great truth! Thanks for sharing
MKearns Premium
Free anything is a precursor to an upsell!
jimroberts54 Premium
Valid point, thank you!