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Hi, everyone:) I am happy to introduce to all of you this wordpress theme detector tools: I have been using it in many times.It can detect any wordpress theme and their using plugins just in a minute, and yup it is absolutely FREE! For those who are creating their wordpress and do not have any idea about theme and plugins , you can review others your favourite wordpress website as a reference,detect their theme and plugins, upload and enjoy! Have a nice S
October 25, 2014
Hi guys, I have written a new About Me page just now. I have deleted previously About Me page because I feel it is not good. I have pondered the solution to write correctly. I try to keep it short and simple. Also, I use google to measure every sentence I write. I also try to learn other people's article. Here is my new About Me page: You are welcome to check it out. I will write it better next time. Thanks.
October 19, 2014
Hi guys, this is my first blog in WA, and also in my life. Today is my second week to join WA. In these few days, I have learned a lot about online marketing. I like to learn a new thing. Joining WA, I would like to say I am very lucky and feel very blissful to getting around with many awesome people in different races and countries. I feel we are united, and close with each other. I really really like this such a very harmony and warm place (or community). It is such like a big family. Before