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November 25, 2016
Hi again. I wanted to let you all know that one of my sites has two keywords on page one of google, one in first place and one in second place. I have another on page 2, and several more on page 3. I've done a little bit of social media with this site, but mostly the progress ahs been through constant publishing. So you can easily see the benefits of publishing regularly. Of course I'm not saying just post and do nothing else. But what I am saying is that WA is absolutely right when it en
November 24, 2016
Hey I just took advantage of the Black Friday promotion here at WA. Half price for yearly membership. That's a great savings. And that kind of helps put more enthusiasm into a person too. I've been doing a lot of work on one of my sites with very nice results. But now I think I need to go back to my other site and see if I can get those results with that site as well. Best holiday wishes to all of you. And thanks for all of your past support.
September 27, 2016
Well, summer is over and fall is here. The colors of the trees are getting real pretty, and the temps have been beautiful . I hope you're enjoying the change of season too. I though you might be interested in a couple of pictures from around the house where we live here in Wyoming. There's some turkeys in this picture, if you can pick them out.
September 27, 2016
I've haven't blogged here for a while because I've been really busy with other things. But I wanted to ask once again if anyone would like to join in on creating a "comment thread" which keeps on going as you have conversations with someone on their site, and they do the same on your site. Right now I'm doing this with one other member here and I think it's working out well. If anyone is interested in promoting your site in this way, give me a PM and we can talk about it. I hope you're all
September 14, 2016
I've been on a "comment hiatus" and so you haven't seen many replies or blogs from me here lately. What is a "comment hiatus", you ask? Well, I've been working with a couple people by doing a search on Google for their site, and they've done the same for me. Then we visit several pages of one another's site and comment on a few of them. Then when the other person replies, we go back and comment again on their reply. It creates a very nice conversation, or "comment thread" that will rank ve
September 01, 2016
WA is having some serious problems with verifying comments this morning. I asked a question earlier as to whether anyone else is having problems. I went back and tried twice more, and was denied both times because they couldn't "verify uniqueness". This has been a fairly big problem in the past for me, and I know there's no problem with my comments. If the proper people with WA could be notified and maybe find a solution, I would appreciate it. As you know, you can't send a message directl
August 28, 2016
So I just spend the last 15 minutes going back over my most recent comments left on people's websites, and followed up with another reply to their reply. That wasn't so bad. I got 7 replies done in 15 minutes. That's 2 minutes per reply. I think that's time well spent. And now we basically have a conversation going. Use your time wisely everyone. Thanks for listening.
I just left this same thought as a question, but I'm going to leave it as a blog also. How much do we want to help each other? Or maybe I should ask, How much do YOU want to help others? I just went to the comment section and went to a couple of the comments that I had already left for people that had requested comments. I went to their response to my comment, and then I left a response to them again. We could carry on a conversation like this. Is this not exactly what search engines wan
August 27, 2016
Good morning! Hey I'm sitting her at the table working on a sermon, and I just had this idea that may be a little crazy, I don't know. The sermon is about "We'll sing and shout the victory". Don't people sing and shout when their victorious, and when something good happens? Sure they do! Do you have anything to sing and shout about today? How about your progress with your website? How about all that you've learned here? You may not know everything yet, but I'll bet you've been victoriou
August 26, 2016
Last week I asked if anyone knew how to alleviate what Google called "render-blocking javascript". And I got some responses from people who had seen the same message, evidently when looking to google for site speed testing.Even though some had heard of this, no one knew what to do about it. Everyone was simply confused by it all.This past week I contacted a man here where I live, who builds websites commercially, and has a couple of sites himself. He is actually an expert at it, and I can see