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Hello WA Family,Here we are so close to Xmas again and another year gone. I wish they would slow down!! Anyone else on the same page????I need a favour, I am doing market research. Can you help me?I wish to speak with Femme Professionals who deeply want to quit smoking ciggies and are scared, feel anxious just thinking about quitting.By chatting with you I will better understand how I can best serve others. If you are interested please contact me. Entirely up to you.Thank you in advance!!Ch
Well Hellooooo Everyone. Once again I have been absent. Life is so busy with newness every single day.How goes it with you? Hang loose and stay on the path, you never no where it is taking you.My big news is that I HAVE QUIT SMOKING for over a year. Hallelujah!! After smoking for 50 freaken years I've finally found the courage, rose to the occassion and ditched my life threatening habit. Truly, I am so lucky to have escaped serious damage. Gratitude. Lost half my teeth due to periodont
JOIN THE CLUBHey Guys,Is growing your 1+ year business leaving you exasperated, at your wits end and on the cusp of quitting? You are not aloneEver stopped to think it is all part of the process?? I swear there are stuck entrepreneurs eveywhere and asked myself why?Did you know that 80% of new businesses (online or bricks and mortar) faill to get up?20% succeed, become winners and realise their dreams.ARE YOU IN THE 20%ACTION TAKER TRAITS THAT WILL GET YOU THEREEagernessDriveConsistencyPersist
Hi Guys, Just wanted to share an amazing story about my small hometown community (3200 people), Covid 19 restrictions and funerals.COMMUNITY IS EVERYTHINGA member of the Corrigin Community (small wheatbelt town West Australia) passed away last week. RIP Kevin.With the number of people restricted to attend funerals during Social Distancing, someone came up with this idea so people could pay their last respects.THEY DROVE THE HEARSE AROUND THE TOWN STREETS and people came out onto the streets to
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Hi All, How ya doing?? I'm soaring! Just got my first sale ever. Proves it can be done - took me 15 months so hang in.I am a massive action taker. Take action - doesn't work, be resourceful - tweak or change something - still doesn't happen, be more resourceful - try something related but different- REPEAT, REPEAT, REPEAT AND VOILA SUCCESS!Each time I renew the action I grow, EACH AND EVERY SINGLE TIME. I am grateful every day for my online business opportunity. I feel alive, happy and fu
Quick one but had to share this. I almost literally vomited - certainly went through the motions. Carthartic I think they call it.Off now - having a wonderful busy day!Cheers and heartfelt greetings. Jill
Hey Everyone. Tony and Dean only come together once a year with a FREE LIVE training. For those that are interested here are the details: Thursday 27th February.Registration opened today and there will be links all over social media. Just check out Dean and Tony's Facebook, Instagram Web pages.You will need to register to get a seat and I know seats will fill fast. Suggest you move quickly as seats will fill fast. Last year they had 200,000 register for the Free Training and apparently had
February 09, 2020
Hello All, Wanted to share with you a potent realisation I recently had. Money is a BI-PRODUCT of helping other people.When I set my goals, it was all about me and money. Now I know if I focus on finding ways to help others, money follows. How I love Personal Growth! I never stop growing and life gets happier and happier. We all have a talent, which is something we are passionate about and find easy. Often other people can't fathom it. When we share and help other people to understand or
Hey Everyone, How ya doing? How understated is this? WOW! Just had to share. A few words with a powerful message. Just love it. What do you think?Just went to leave comments on websites and none there. Where is everyone?Cheers Jill
Hello WA Family, Speechless! What kids do naturally. Superb teachers! Let's be kids again!My whole body is vibrating with joy and even my feet are smiling.!! How about yours?After lots of hard work on my being I had a Mindset Shift from Scarcity to High Income mentality! It just went KLUNK! Locked in - so grateful. Cheers, Jill