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In the new version 70 of the Chrome browser that is scheduled for October this year, Google has announced that they will remove the green padlock marking of secure sites.This is done because SSL certificates are easy to use and available for all, and secure HTTPS is now more or less the standard for websites and users now expect that sites are secure.Google says on their Chromium blog on May 17th that earlier the HTTP usage was too high to mark unsecured sites in an efficient way. Therefore Goo
Over the past four weeks, I have been searching for a domain for a new website project I am planning to start.Actually, the project has already started it's planning phase under a different domain that I already purchased, but I eventually found the niche too wide and then the domain didn't fit anymore.The process of a domain search is long and boring. It's boring because most good domains are taken without even being used. However, I cannot complain too much about this, as I have some good unu
Having just come back to cold Norway from some weeks in the beautiful Philippines I decided to change the theme on my Norwegian business blog.Being in a quite remote area, my period in the Philippines left me more offline than I planned because my thoroughly tested VPN connection chose to stop working for no reason at all. This connection was supposed to give me good web access on low bandwidth but betrayed me totally.So I had good offline time to plan my actions when coming home.My Norwegian b
January 02, 2018
I was sitting here writing out a privacy policy, affiliate disclaimer and all the mandatory boring stuff that we need to have when I came across a text stored in the dark corners of my computer.I found it in a folder that contained a backup of a website I had back in 1998, so it's already 20 years old. Obviously back then things were not that serious, and also the target audience for my site was nerds (no offense to anyone) so it was the type of people who could enjoy humor like this.Today it's
Before setting goals for the next year, it can be useful to reflect on what you have achieved in the current year. Work through the following questions:What did you achieve personally and professionally this year?What have you achieved that you are you most proud ofDo you have enough time to practice your professional and personal goals, your hobbies, plus spend time with family and friendsWhat personal or professional challenges did you meet in this yearWhat personal or professional challenges
New Year's Eve is coming up. You are motivated and ready to take action on the goals you have set for the coming year. Finally, you can do the great change that you have longed for. But does New Year's resolutions really work?It's no secret that a few weeks and months into the new year most people have already given up on their New Year's resolutions.Your everyday habits and routines will slowly but surely take control over your life and you are back where you were. So what's the point of setti
Suddenly the Holidays are just around the corner. I have two whole days to go out and buy the presents that are left on my list. That Is more time than I normally have. Most gifts this year were ordered online, same as the years before. But now I am slowing down a bit from the online work to relax and enjoy the holidays, and maybe I will manage to stay away for a whole week. Or maybe not. (Most likely not.)I want to take this opportunity to wish every one of you good people in here a very Merr
This is a topic that has been talked about many times before in various blogs and training, but I think it stands another repetition.I also write this because I don't use this potential as I should.When I write for my websites, I do it scientifically, with keywords, long tail, and LSI keyword planning plus a huge effort on layout, CTA, and illustrations.Here, on the WA blog, I don't care. I use this blog as a place to ventilate, to write what comes to mind without worrying about anything. I use
IngratitudeIf you do not find the little things to be grateful for, it will be much more difficult to find any good things at all. Once you've had enough days in a row without being grateful for something, you will end up in a negative spiral.Find the little positive things during the day such as a phone call to a friend, ice cream after dinner or a cocnac in the sunset. Be grateful for what you have.Jealousy and envyBy focusing on what others have that you do not have, you will be blind to wha
Just to warn you, this story is not useful at all. It's just a fun and probably lesser known story about Bing to lighten our moods and prepare us for the weekend.Back in 2009, Microsoft released their search engine, Bing. In the year before they had started preparations by acquiring national domain names for the search engine around the world.That went well until they came to Norway. Bing .no was taken.Oh, well, no big deal, Microsoft thought and started to approach the owner.The owner was Jon