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So it appears I'm now a certified commenter even though I'm waiting on some of my comments to be approved. I'm beginning to wonder if this is even all that it's hyped up to be. Right now I see that it could be a good way to gain some comments on my site but as far as making money from it, could be a waste of time. I also noticed it dropped my WA ranking down by about 30K but does WA ranking really matter?What's everyone's opinion?
July 03, 2020
Post #3 complete added in a few amazon affiliate links, an external site, a youtube video and a call to action. Let me know your opinion please?
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June 29, 2020
2nd Post PublishedAppreciate any and all feedback! Also, leave a comment on my blog please!!
June 27, 2020
Just published my first post!! If anyone would like to check it out and provide some construction criticism, I'm all ears!! My keyword was "how to lose weight in 10 days"
June 25, 2020
For the past couple years, I have been depressed, lonely, feeling worthless, rejected, this list goes on. Last week, I decided NO MORE! No more watching others succeed while I stay frustrated with myself.No more telling myself I am not good enough.No more feeling like a reject.-------------------------------------------I have spent the better part of the last two weeks working changing my life. I wake up everyday with something to be thankful for. I am listening to positive affirmations. I am p