This Baby Is 6 Months Old - My How Big You Have Gotten

Last Update: December 08, 2015

Today I realized that my website is 6 months old. Okay that won't be official until December 26, but hey it is the 6th month according to my archives. I have been at WA since May and my website has now been around since late June. The one year mark is probably the most special but there are reasons to celebrate the 6 month mark.

Where Are My Posts

So for the first time in 6 months, I decided to Google some of my posts. Now Kyle does mention that we shouldn't get too caught up on how many people come to our website and where we rank until we have mastered the art of content. This is why it took me so long to want to Google myself. I didn't want to get caught up in things I was thinking was going wrong.

So the first couple of posts I made I can't find. I got all the way to page 4 and gave up finding them. Where they are....who knows. Perhaps it is something I can go back and fix, but not right now since I would have no idea how to fix it.

2 of my posts were ranked at the 7th spot on page 1. That was fantastic! I was especially happy to see I got ranked right below a website I have been using like crazy to get ideas for my posts. I am neck and neck with them. So while 2 of my older posts are doing great, 4 are lost in the world of the internet. And I have no idea how to find them.

What To Do About This

One issue I did notice with the posts I could find on Google is that they look terrible. Instead of being presented like a professional website, they have my face next to a cached URL code that doesn't include my website. And the title of my post is not there either. Instead, Google has used my keywords as the "title" and this makes the entry look sloppy. If anyone knows how to fix that please let me know. :)

Who Is Coming

So then I went to Google Analytics. This is definitely the area Kyle says to not get caught up in because it can drive you mad. The pathetic amounts of traffic coming to your website can be enough to put off anyone and distract you from the real purpose of content building.

My best day for my website for traffic was the day I got ranked in Yahoo and had over 100 people pay me a visit. Okay, it was only 107 but still bigger than 100. In fact, between November 18 and November 30 I was averaging about 50 visitors a day instead of the usual 10 to 20. I was doing something right during the end of November but whatever that was the momentum is gone. I gotta look into that and get back to it.

I also have a bounce rate of 94% which I assume is terrible. Why is it so high and what am I doing wrong? Who knows. Hopefully I will figure it out. And my visitors only stay an average of 37 seconds. Kyle said they don't stick around for long so I am surprised that they stayed longer than 10 seconds.

So Now What

So it has been 6 months and I only have 2 posts I can find on Google, only about 10 to 20 on average visitors who don't stay longer than 37 seconds, and I haven't made a single sale or earned a single dollar. What a bummer.....Or is it?

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AlexEvans Premium Plus
Hi Jessica congratulations , a milestone. Looking at it you are on the way, reflecting back on the past six months you will of learnt so much. Success will arrive.