Happiness Is Only A Success Away

Last Update: January 18, 2016

Today we are going to look at the 3rd Jim Rohn key word to understanding wealth and success. So of course we are going to talk about your happiness.

What Is Happiness

Happiness, like the last word wealth, is a word that has different meanings to different people. Being happy is something that is personal for all of us and yet it is something that we think of as being elusive, Many of us do not see ourselves as being happy because we think about the things we don't have or the people we are not as reasons for being unhappy.

However, Jim Rohn says that happiness is about a life well lived. It is built on a wide variety if our memories that become priceless forms of currency. This idea reminds me of people who are suffering from Alzheimers and losing their ability to remember their happiness. To them, their memories are gold and if happiness is based on those memories then think of how poor one must feel when they can no longer remember it.

Where Is Happiness

Because so many of us think that happiness is only found in the past, we think the time of being happy has passed us by. However, according to Rohn, happiness can only be experienced NOW. It can be elusive at times, but it is a present experience.

As Rohn puts it, "happiness is the joy that comes to people who painstakingly design their lives and then live them with artistry." What does this mean?

Well all of this has to do with goals and visualizing what you want out of life. You can't design your life if you don't know what the design will be. We all have it in our heads of what we want to have in life, and yet we fail to make the goals or designs that will get us this finished product. We must become more proactive with what we want and where we are going if we are going to be happy.

Rohn also says that happiness resides in the houses of those who have handled their disappointments without losing their sense of well being. It belongs to those of us who are in control of our circumstances and emotions.

How To Get Happiness

Getting happiness is not as difficult as you think. Once you have your designs, and can control your emotions and disappointments, you are ready to head out into the next key of being successful. But that is for another post.

What does happiness mean to you? How do you control your disappointments?

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AriefWibowo Premium
My happiness is knowing that I can choose to be happy or not.
Even in the face of disaster, I can smile.
It hurts but I still can smile.

I choose to be happy because God had forgiven me.
jessbarz Premium
And that is a great thing too. Not dwelling on things that you cannot change and having a positive outlook on life will always be beneficial to you in the end.