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Last Update: January 07, 2018

As I have indicated elsewhere In Wealthy Affiliate, since the mid 1990s I have been trying to get a handle on online marketing with virtually no success. With what I have been exposed to here actually explains to me why.

I know, for the first time ever I am learning things that I previously knew only fragments. Also, it's more than knowing, it's knowing within a relevant context.

I can see absolutely no excuse for failing here ,, except quitting, and I'm no quitter.

I don't know if I am the oldest here (I'm 71), If I am I want to be the oldest millionaire. This will me get over 30 years of items off the back burner.

So if I can I know you can.

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dolrah Premium
Had a barber ex-Army chef who exclaimed "where there is life there is hope", and for us seniors that says it in a nutshell Jerald. You have me by a couple of years.

However, we are all beneficiaries of the professional growth and maturity these guys here at WA have experienced due mainly to sacrifice and commitment to what they believe in. Take it from one who has witnessed this from a 'fifty yard line first row seat'.
ArianaM2 Premium
That's awesome! I'm glad you found what you were looking for. I did as well. I didn't even know where to start before WA, I've learned so much with even the starter program. It definitely is no get rich quick scheme...which is great if you want an actual business and not temporary attempt at raking in dough.

I hope you reach that millionaire goal! Good luck! If you work hard that is totally possible!