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Hi there WA community,Hope all's well with you!Just like to share this (since I’ve got more time to do some tasks today, :D) and send gratitude to the whole community.What’s another thing that’s truly amazing about WA? Here it is. I’ve got lots of questions the past few weeks while planning series of posts to publish and overhauling my entire site. But before I run into typing and ask, I first search in the search tab. I’m just in awe that from all these years WA h
April 04, 2018
I started mid-December which makes it a little less than four (4) months by now. It's very early to assess the progress, especially when at this point, I'm still in the learning process. So in terms of financial, nothing is substantial at the moment. In terms of experience, learning and exposure, I'm making sure that I'm doing my best maximizing my 24/7, with all other responsibilities, obligations, noises, distractions, and excuses.Like achieving the goal of finding a good job, (which was the
March 13, 2018
Hi there WA community,I thought I’d just drop by to share some thoughts. It’s been a long time.Do you believe that no one can bring us progress but ourselves? If we think we're not good enough, what else will others think? If others think we’re not good enough, what would we think? Are we going to believe them? Here’s the thing, as we progress in any endeavor, there is one thing we always have to remind ourselves among others: Believe in yourself and ignore the noise
As I move on to the Certification Courses, I’m now finalizing Lesson 10 of Certification Level 2, tasks are piling up and the number of hours I need to devote should also increase. However, the amount of knowledge I have learned is very overwhelming and due to this, my focus has never been this clear. It’s becoming more and more exciting and fun and the more I do it, the more I realize this is what I wanted to be doing.I created this blog to express my gratitude, I just feel like te
Last week, I made a huge decision brought about by circumstances I would never have expected, the reason I wasn’t as active as before, here in WA. I know people change. What I didn’t know, is that people can change like how we change clothes, often and sudden. I could blame my mom for not giving me a head start; however, I cannot blame her for people’s actions. And I certainly can blame no one if things don’t happen the way I assumed it to be.I cannot expect people or si
December 30, 2017
I just received an email that my website has just been indexed by Google! I had just published my first article aside from the "About Me" post this morning, and now this! I'm so happy, although I don't actually understand what it means or what it does to the overall status of my business, yet another milestone it is. For someone who doesn't have experience or knowledge in this entire process, it is inspiring to know that anything can be learned if you have the willingness to do so. More to come
December 27, 2017
Has anyone here ever experienced getting ready to write something, full of ideas and words to fill an article, got ready with SiteContent, and then unable to write a single word? As my 4 year old nephew put it, "You forgot?", haha!I guess I need to always have paper and pen or phone attached to my body to scribble anything that suddenly comes to mind!2018 is fast approaching. Looking forward to a great new year, accomplished goals, a better person within, better decisions, better habits, more l