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For the last few weeks I have been thoroughly enjoying my time in WA. Great training and easy steps to follow, but I have begun to lose my momentum. Could it be the change of the seasons or because I've just realised christmas is just around the corner, and i'm not quite prepared? I really don't know. Somehow I must carry on towards success, even if my momentum has left me at the moment. I've just got to remember that its not a race and to not stress.
August 17, 2015
Ok so finally I'm getting my content out....and it feels so good! I'd been putting it off for the last few days but decided to face the music today. Really I don't even know what I was stressing about, once I started writing it all came spewing out. I even missed lunch because I was on such a mission. So feeling pretty good with my efforts, had to get it done before the kids got home from school otherwise nothing would have been accomplished. There are and will be more hurdles to jump along