Feeling Overwhelmed? Find out How to Deal With It

Last Update: March 21, 2016

So how is it going for you?

You might have read through the modules. You might have done the activities per lesson. And if you are a "go - getter" like someone out there (ouch, that's me....), it feels like you want to go on full throttle and push yourself to the limits.

But you are not a machine. You are a human being. You need to rest and sleep. And yes, you have a work and family, too. You need to have a life, too.

So how do you deal with being overwhelmed?

1) Have a reasonable time frame. Accept that everything is a process. It takes time to build a business. Just enjoy the process. Learn as you go. Smell the flowers as you walk. Embrace the process.

2) Stop and take a walk. If you feel like you are too full. You can leave your computer behind and leave it for a while. Walk and take a breather.

3) You don't need to read or watch them all. WA is so full of materials to read and learn. You don't need to learn them all. What I do is that I search only for what I need when I need it.

4) Lastly, celebrate small victories. I keep a business journal where I wrote small accomplishments I have for the day. Build your site, write it down. Post one article, write it down. Learn something new, write down. You will be surprise that you already come a long long way.

So, enjoy. Keep it going. If you need to, relax and rest. Then push again.... :)

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