Terrific TOTALLY Terrific Tuesday!

Last Update: Feb 7, 2023

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Hello everyone here in Wealthy Affiliate!

After another peaceful evening of sleep, I dragged myself out of bed just shy of 8 am. It was time to get busy on another day that the Good Lord allowed me to have.

When I was finished with caring for all of my furry assistants, I then jumped right into the Wealthy Affiliate Community to get my new day started on the right track!

There is no better way to start a day, unless, of course if I won the lottery! (of course, you have to play it to possibly win it!)

Kitty showed up very briefly to assist, or more likely to beg for some food. The latter was probably more correct! It was still good to see her though.

I received phone calls this morning from an ex and from Monica. so I guess that wasn't too bad, although I could definitely use some locksmith work. Still, I persevere, and as I have always said, "Perseverance is Key!"

Speaking of Perseverance, I managed to finally get my Kindle Vella Episode #10 published!

I am ecstatic! Episode #11 is already started!

This, along with a post on my book promotion website, will consist of today's Wealthy Affiliate research portion of the day!

It was then time to take a break and capture some images of the new day! The title image was captured much earlier when I ventured outside to bring something into the eBay house. It was the burgeoning sunrise.

At the time these next images were taken, we were at about 45 degrees for the temp.

I believe that the high temp will be in the mid 60s, but I could be wrong about that.

Then, just as I snapped the last image, Humphrey did it again! He photo-bombed me, and then he was gone again in a flash. He had already done this to Paul earlier in the day on the other side of the world!

Well, no matter. Monica's knee therapy session is scheduled for 1 pm today, and I have to get read to get there on time.

There has been no more lock work today either, but I am not discouraged. I still have a lot of things that I am working on. I will definitely be ready to head to that therapy session of hers.

I went back inside and gave the Blog dogs their main meal of the day!

They were certainly ready for it! They always seem to be ready to eat.

After a little more computer work, I determined that it was time to head over to Monica's knee therapy session.

The drive over there was uneventful, but beautiful!

I arrived there a bit before her because I live closer to the therapy center than she does. It wasn't too long after that when she arrived there though!

They started her on two different sets of stair exercises!

She seemed to do very well on those!

I was quite pleased with her results.

Then there was more leg stretching and bending to get her range of motion back too. Today that hurt her a little more than usual.

She also got to ride the stationary bike after that, though.

Finally, there was more cupping followed by her normal cool down period.

We then bid our goodbyes (although, I will likely be on the phone with her later). and that was that. I was still in the parking lot of the therapy center when my buddy, Kevin called me on the way to work at the railroad.

I chatted with him for about 20 minutes, and then he had to go. My mother had called me too, and I will talk to her later in the evening.

When I departed the therapy center, I angled on over to my warehouse to check on things there again.

Everything seemed to be in order when I arrived there. That was a good thing. I remained there for about fifteen minutes, and then it was time to head back to the eBay house.

The drive back there was equally nice too.

When I got back there, I captured an image of the late afternoon sun too!

Then the rest of the day involved me getting this blog post out, and the rest of the evening will see me on and off the computer as usual!



Jeff, the BLOG DOGS, and Kitty

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Recent Comments


Morning Jeff.

Well done getting Vella #10 finished. A job well done.

That Humprey must be spending a fortune on flights back and forth from the USA to the UK. He did indeed appear in my backyard yesterday. It's a good job you spotted him or I would have missed him completely.

Have a great day and catch yus later's.


I was glad to get that one completed, my friend! Thank you!

Humphrey has frequent flier discounts, I am sure! 🐫

Happy Hump Day!


Another great day, Jeff.

Mine has been ok. I have just been tired lately, like I am not getting all of the sleep I need, not being sick.

So I have not been on here much today.

Finishing notifications and signing off. Tomorrow is my long day.

Rest Well, and Wish Monica well for me.

Blessed Be


I hope that you get some good sleep, JD, and get better soon, so that you will be fit and ready to go! I'll let Monica know what you said!




Sounds like a day for making progress. Mine, too. Have gotten research done for next post (tomorrow) and typed the rest of my new boutique products. I believe I'll get them put up tonight after Mocha and I have supper. Went on errands with friend (dump; post office; store; delivered my other friend's mail, my twice-weekly job.

Sure hope my carpenter friend can build Mocha's catio. Haven't heard from him yet. He is probably someplace warm.

It certainly was, Fran.

It sounds like you got a lot of important business taken care of today.

I'm sure that your carpenter will get around when it is warmer, Have faith.


Good news on the carpenter -- he emailed and said he could build the catio. I am so glad!

That's excellent to hear, Fran. Mocha will love the catio. 😹

You're knocking it out of the park with your Vella episodes.

I'm guessing Kitty thinks she is the brains of the operation. Sounds like she has faith in you and the blog dogs though and has taken a mostly hands off approach.

That Humphrey sure gets around, although I've not seen him in my neck of the woods.

Thanks for sharing, I love reading your posts.



Haha, Jason! I'm trying to do the best that I can!

Kitty is certainly all of that and more!😹

Where is your neck of the woods? Humphrey makes his rounds in a split second!🐫

Thanks for stopping by, my friend, and I hope that you had an excellent day!


That's a productive day, for sure.
Great job on publishing episode 10.
Hump day knocking....

It certainly was, Muslimah! Thank you!

I hope you had an excellent day!

Happy Hump day tomorrow!🐫


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