I quit!

Last Update: February 05, 2020

Have you ever got to the point where your are so confused, so frustrated and so done with everything your just want to QUIT!!

There are plenty of moments throughout the day, weeks, and months when I wonder why I got myself into things, business and work related projects, and I wished I never did.

Is quitting an easy way out, You bet.

Does it help? Nope.

Does the problem go away? Nope.

So why would I quit?

Because it's easy, and releases me from the commitment I got myself into.


If your feel like your done and want to quit, do the following exercise first

Write your quit letter on a piece of paper and sign it. For an example (you can write whether you feel is necessary)

Dear ME,

I have spent money on this business and I haven't made any money. I have not been successful. I have put in a lot of effort into this but I do not have what it takes to make this business work. I feel like I have cannot make this business work for me. I am quitting.




Either go outside or stand in front of a mirror, and Read this letter out loud to yourself. Read it to a family member and/or to a friend, and heck even to your co-worker. Look at their reaction. If they look puzzled, it's probably because they think your are crazy for giving up on yourself! Better yet, how does it make you feel?


Take a deep breath.

Take a moment to reflect.

Did it feel good to quit, kind of not really. Maybe it did.

Even though your just quit, for the time period, now it time to dust yourself off and start over again.

You can't quit on yourself, really you can't.


It sucks to lose, fail, or feel like your not making progress.

Quitting does seem easy to yourself when your are telling it to yourself.

You can tell yourself anything and eventually your may convince yourself it is a good option, but when your tell someone or post a blog about what happens?

People are here to help.

People care about people who are trying.

They lend a helping hand. Just ask.


Everyone fails.

Failing makes your stronger.

Failing helps your learn and grow.


Go for the small wins. Small wins get big results. Celebrate the small wins. Reward yourself for the small wins. Small wins builds momentum that leads to more small wins. These small wins help rather than seeking the big wins.

Make your daily tasks realistic. Don't try to tackle all of this at once. Again, inch by inch.

Make a list of things that your think your are no good at. Seek help with those areas that your are not good at. There are people in this world that can help.

Do something every day that helps you get better. Read, listen to an audio book, research your niche. Again, small wins keep your focus.

Make our goals realistic. I'm not saying you can make a million dollars tomorrow, but making goals that are obtainable, are more realistic. They are easier to obtain. They do help cure the frustration and willingness to quit go away.

No, I am not quitting. Although the thought has run across my mind, many of times, I came across this exercise and wanted to share it.

My hope is that this will help someone who is struggling or someone who is barely hanging on.

Thanks for reading



Writing a quit letter is like setting a goal, it takes commitment to write the letter, it makes effort the put the pen on the paper, and helps rid yourself of the thoughts that led your to writing the letter in the first place.

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wammark Premium
Hi Jeff,

Thanks for not quitting and then taking time to share your thoughts on how to beat down those emotions when they creep up on us.

I think people who never quit despite the hardships end up becoming stronger and stronger as they learn from each experience.

We are Blessed.
jeffklayo Premium
Thank you Mark. Struggling is what makes us stronger.
Hello Every one, to get to the Business every bodies do their best, But to share an Idea, Teaching what you learn and what you know to other peoples do the easy way or to save some one's time or to save other one's life. To me I'll be willing to do if I know...Because my life without parents since 5 yrs of age till today I know how hard it is....In my life to be survived I have to eat the things that Human would never think about to try. Every day's when the son's going down I been thinking to myself that I'll not gatta see the son again. Another way I wish not to wake up for the next day it will be better, but I never give-up until today. Thanks
jeffklayo Premium
Thank you, and never give-up!
lesabre Premium
Hi Jeff, great post. Sure made me think. Yes I do feel like quitting a lot of the time, but I have learned a lot here, made some great friends I now call my family, and created a website in the health niche that I hope helps someone. The money will start to pour in one of these days.

Best wishes,
jeffklayo Premium
Michael, I'm glad it helped. Best wishes to you!
Vicky0409 Premium
Wise words!
jeffklayo Premium
Thank you!