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A 63 year young grandmother would like to retire in a few years but the way its look must people don't retire until there 70's. I would like to send more time with my granddaughter be for she go off to college. I hope WA can help me with my dream
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trying to earn money so I can stop working so hard
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Dec 19, 2016
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Jeannettef Premium
trying to earn money so I can stop working so hard
I feel ya.
Kyle Premium
So awesome Jeannette, I know from experience that goals are what lead us to success. Work relentlessly in pursuit of these goals and they CAN and WILL happen.

In fact, wipe failure out of your mind right now. It simply won't happen. You have too much help, support and an entire community of help behind you to ever let that happen :)

If you need anything going forward, just let me known and I will be happy to give you a hand.
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TW2016 Premium
Hi Jeanette
Great connecting with you and look forward to communicate with you often too. Which part of US are you I'm, California. My email is epublishing2016@gmail.com what is your email address. If you have time Jeanette, could you drop by my blog and have a read at it. if you like the blog you read, please indicate "Like". Thanks in advance Jeanette ;) Yours, Terry ;)