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Last Update: March 29, 2014

Hello all!

So, I've been attending webinars and conference calls for this new gig I'm doing, and lemme tell you; I'm excited! (And I'm pretty excited to implement things I've learned here at WA in my new venture, too!)

I'm not gonna get all spammy on you here and drop an ad or anything like that.

I've played my fair share of the MLM game (and failed).. and tried a few of those "host a party" things and I've just gotta say; those are NOT for me!

Anyway. A few of you have pointed me in some really cool directions to help me keep my status as a Stay At Home Mom, and it's MOST APPRECIATED! So many more of you have offered awesome insight and suggestions, and the encouragement received here has just been outstanding- Thank You!

That being said, I'd like to pay it forward, and I hope this is viewed as such! (I recently read a blog from a member I am following about spam, and hope that this isn't viewed as such!)

PM me to see what I've been doing!

My niche site is growing and shrinking amidst all of this. I had about a dozen categories I originally had started on my page, but managed to whittle it down a bit before my site turned into a web-community instead of a web-site, LOL!

SOOooo.. There it is!

Thanks again to all of my family here at WA. You guys rock! It's still exciting to see updates on how quickly everyone is progressing, and how well you're all doing here. I LOVE IT!

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howmuch Premium
Nice as always to see the excitement WA generates, Jeanette. It only gets better! Nice blog.
Jeannette Premium
Thank you! I've learned so much here, and so many new avenues have opened up to me; avenues that I NEVER would have thought I'd be going down at this point in my life. SO EXCITING!!