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Sorry my question could not be asked in full on top as we are only allowed a certain amount of characters. The way I set my question could be wrong as well but my question is what should I concentrate on? How does a good online website business model look like? What is the overall idea I should be looking for to be successful? From research I concluded that the most successful people around on the web concentrate on recurring products or services or to develop and sell their own product. So wha
So everything is going great. Website-CheckContent-CheckSocial media set up-CheckE-mail list set up-CheckYoutube-No not yet. Still working on my videos and possible ideas and I am very conscious about my English as my pronunciation with some words are not good. But I know I will eventually have to do it. Buddy press-Not activated because I do not know how to use the program for social engagement. But am interested activating it as it will promote engagement. Google adsense- Have applied but got
Good day to all. My website is about traveling to Thailand. The other day someone said they do not have money to travel although they would very much love to. Seeing that my site is about traveling, it is not profitable all year round as the most travelers are from Europe and their holiday's stretches from November to maybe March. So I want to optimize my website a bit. Any suggestions Please feel free to comment!!!! I was thinking to optimize my website by introducing the WA program as an alte
December 10, 2016
Hi there everybody. Another thought for the day is Money. How we are slaves to it. How it control our lives and what we will do for it. Weather we like it or not we are slaves to money and it rule our lives. Some kill for it,some are attached to over a 12 hour work day for it like I am. Some are possessed by it and we can not live with out it. But what if we can turn the scenario around and let money be slaves for us in other words money work for you and you do not work for money. I am glad and
December 10, 2016
Something that just popped up in my head and I thought I would blog about it. This time a year ago I was thinking of a possible future and what I would do. I am happy and blessed to say that at this moment I am working on what once was a dream and now a reality here at WA and with fellow online entrepreneurs. Where were you a year ago? Where are you today? Where will you be a year from now? Please let me know! Thanks to every person who followed me and the messages you left on my profile. It is
December 04, 2016
Yas,after a week of hard work and posting my site has finally reached google. I am ecstatic about it and I can not describe the feeling.
December 01, 2016
Good evening from Thailand or as we would say "Sawadee Krap" First of I would like to thank each and every one for your help and support. Being able to do something like this with endless amount of help is a blessing. I would never have thought that I would do something like this. First of I am very proud of my website or should I say our website seeing that we are a team here at WA. This is a real community to get inspired and be motivated through others. That being said. Just a word out for a
November 25, 2016
Alt last I am Premium. So many many things to look forward to and so much potential. Thanks Kyle and Carson.