That was a long week.

Last Update: March 15, 2016

Well this last week has been so long and hard work wise that I have not really had much time to be online here at WA and this makes me sad...


I did get to indulge in one of my many passions and got a few cheeky skydives in at the weekend. So as one door closes and all that.

I have today eventually finished a post to my website that I felt was never going to get finished though which feels brilliant. If you want to check it out feel free to check my website out.

So again this a more motivational/my insight post...

If you feel that things are taking too much time/feel that you might want to give up then take a step back to take stock of what is going on. I really needed this weekend and the jumps to reset my state of mind, so if you feel you are hitting a brick wall go and do something you love and just not think about the world for a little while. I guarantee that when you come back you will be a lot more motivated and ready to take on whatever tasks you were struggling with.

Keep going and working, you will get there in the end and you will feel a million times better for persevering with it.

As always Good Luck and See You At The Top!

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edtay78 Premium
Great motivational insight! :)
DRattlesnake Premium
I know that feeling bro. It's usually called burning out. It happens t me a lot because I'm almost same like you. I'm an engineer also and I have many hobies like you.

I try to concentrate on specific stuff but my mind everytime goes elsewhere. And I write really quality posts more than 1000 words but it really eats you up sometimes.

But this is a slow and sure development, so take time and enjoy as much as you can)