Not online yesterday

Last Update: February 25, 2016

So yesterday was the first day since I've been part of the wealthy affiliate community that I wasn't online working on my website or going through training etc. but it was the first day in nearly a month that I managed to spend some quality time with my other half.

She is incredibly supportive and understands that for me to make this work I need to dedicate time to it and yesterday was no different but I felt that I owed her my time and dedication yesterday and I feel 10x better and more motivated for it.

I'll be back tomorrow working harder than before and even hungrier for success.

So yeah moral of the story? Don't neglect spending time with family and loved ones because without them we are nothing, and success will be hollow if we can't share it with them.

Stay humble, keep working and achieve what you were born to achieve.

As always see you at the top.

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edtay78 Premium
You are absolutely right Jake! We live life only once and life is not just about oneself, but also our loved ones around us too!

Wishing you the best!
felixwebman Premium
Thanks for sharing Jake. I agree that it is so vital to be able to balance our work and family life. It's a blessing to have a supportive partner in the world of business. Keep this lesson close to your vest. Only happy thoughts and happy things to you.
JCroxford Premium
Hi Felix,
Thank you, happy thought and happy things to you as well.
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