Okay - I'm in and looking forward to moving onto Part 2!

Last Update: October 18, 2020

I am officially a member... just started my first month on a discount. My only wish is that the exchange rate were kinder (US$19 = AU$29!) Thank you COVID. (Our economy is shot to h#*l - but they caught it so fast and acted so quickly to shut it all down that hardly anyone died - so that's well worth it.

The hardest thing I've come up against is getting articles onto my website: https://1-4all.com. And the time I wasted trying to import other people's content legally - in hindsight, I realise I could have better spent just writing stuff! Oh well.

The other thing I did, that I now realise was a mistake, was combining all my interests into one site. I get sidetracked easily, and trying to manage what is essentially five different sites in one has not worked out for me.

But now --- onto my training and the path ahead with a lot more guidance than I've had the last/first three months. Woohoo!

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Palatia Premium Plus
Awesome! Congrats! It's a great decision. It's great you've learned some things already and how to move ahead.. :) I wish you great success.

Ziqelekazi Premium
Welcome to premium you made good move by joining .