Kellie's Castle Heritage

Last Update: May 21, 2018

Discover The History and Uniqueness of Kellie's Castle Heritage

Today is 22nd. Tue. May 2018 To all Jazzry blog readers, hopefully all of you are in good wealth and healthy . First of all, I would like to say greetings and weldone for the daily worship of this year is better than last year and have a good day on this glorious day.

In view of the year of the Visit to Malaysia, I would like to share with you one of the most interesting tourist attractions available in Batu Gajah, Perak. That is a Kellie's Castle off Malaysian Heritage, also known as Istana Kellie, is a palace built lovingly with a husband to his wife and his children which is a historical values and uniqueness in the process of the palace building.

The picture above shows Mr. William, his wife and his friends are enjoying their hi- tea - so you can feel how the atmosphere of the golden age of Mr. William.

The construction process of Kellie's Castle, has its own unique historical story which is quite interesting for actknowledge, for a comprehensive info on the history of Kellie's Castle from the story of William Kellie Smith, how the castle was built, why the palace was completed with the mysterious stories about kellie's castlle where you can go alone for visit heritage Kellie's Palace. There are many info you can find, also can refer to this blog harithsidek.blogspot for all the information. This is quite interesting topic about kellies's palace history.

Interestingly, the construction process of the palace was built using egg whites, brown sugar and honey. Since at that time the cement was not in Malaya, the castle wall was built with a very unique method, using a mixture of duck eggs, sand, lime, brown sugar and honey. With its art of assimilation with Greco - Roman, Moorish and indian concepts, this palace is unique

At 2nd floor corridor located the main room and their children's room, known here also the spirits of the occupants of this palace look.

The mystical of this heritage with full of mysterious, but this is now a favorite attraction of silver in the world, if you want a more horrid and mystical susceptance make sure that your visit these placev at the night, that will give you a different experience! Kellie Castle is a magnificent castle to explore for some people considering this castle as a haunted but depend on their perceptions for these castle built lovingly by Mr. William to his wife Agnes and her children and having the values on these heritage building

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Love history, very interesting blog.
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Interesting castle. Thanks for sharing!!

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Beautiful pictures and a great education. I felt like I traveled there. Thanks, Debbie
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Thanks for sharing this with of history!!

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