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The good people who understand the history of their leader then take lessons and lessons from them and then try to imitate the way of life that has been taught perfectly and perfectly.

If you do understands the history of your leader then follows the footsteps of his life meaning you did practice his success comprehensively because that is personal leader is like a scientist walking on the earth. The right leader a human being unlike the human being he is like diamonds that are in between the stones. Here I will announce the nature of human and identify the general stage of the head.

First submit part of the life and the head such as the history that explains the Battle of Badr, the Uhud War, the war of Khandaq and the War of Hunain as well as the history that separates my leader's marriage with his wife

The second gives a review of the cases and events that take place to address the problems that arise or describe the problem that is not yet clear or to attract the proles to the lessons and the advice contained therein it all relates to one aspect of the problem thus it has explained many things from various times of life and lesson for wealthy.

No ( People ) become rich unless he or she enriches others. The secret of success to influence judgment is to put our self at significant risk. We should exploring the future to shape our future on what we to be ready and able to change our paradigms.

In every community needs professional players beside providing every single project funding the primary responsibility to an owner, define the scope of work and determine the objective of the project. Wealth begin with the client who has a specified need for create wealth to be occupied as an investment.

This is writing that we can view from where and why we did create wealth base on the old testaments for us to determine ourselves. How to use WealthyAffiliatel in our life constraints and upward wealth achievements. Listed sequences at every single topic for take the best sources how can we do comply in our life with the right practice of discipline and achieve level of consciousness. It has been practiced for a thousand of year before as a part of success.

Helping people attract attractive people

Helping people enrich their own life

Helping people learn to teach others the art of manifestation

Understanding the leader's personal through the gaps of life and the circumstances he had faced to assert that the leader was not only a famous and authoritative among his community but he was an apostle who was sent and supported with revelation and people surrounding.

1. Important thing to understand how to create wealth

2. Secret how to create wealth

3. The most popular success people

4. Morality

5. Back to ignorant before civilization era

6. Old Testaments

7. The writings of Greek Experts and Roman in medieval times

8. History written by the scholars

9. Legacy of ancient books - sources of excavator history

This writing is for an illustration of all aspects in life that are essential to being made as a guidance and no matter how human beings look for the best in one aspect of their life then he will surely get it in perfectly.

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