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Hi all, Please find a link to my poem on below. Just a little encouragement of ones self to not doubt and think negative views when it comes to building yourself to success at WA. Hope ya'll like it. :-)
September 29, 2014
I can not explain how much I love and how fast I'm learning through Kyle's walk through videos. I'm such an aesthetic person and I have his videos playing and pausing while I create my website. In 1 month I have two websites thanks to Kyle and the support of all of you wonderful people. I love this community and in the process of spreading the word. :-)
We'll it's been 14 days being a member at WA and the experience has been amazing. It took me 1 week to process this site and basically suss it out whether it's for me or not. Last Thursday was when I said 'I'm going to take this forward,I'm going to become premium' best decision EVER. (Why did I take so long?) as my website is coming along just fine, my niche was so obvious to me as it's my interest and the content is halfway finished. It took me two days to have a frame for my website..I like