Day 45 - Play On

Last Update: June 07, 2018

Today is the end of my work week.

Those who follow me know that I take Friday's off to go play. You know what they say about Jack.

Song: Play On
Artist: DJ Deckstream feat. Pep Love
Album: Soundtracks (2007)

I'm focusing on Website 2 today as dictated by my already drawn up editorial calendar. It's one article a day for the entire month split between two websites. I'm trying to make some days two articles.

Anyway I have two writing tasks today. I have to get a review article up and I need to finish an article I started two days ago as part of my tasks.

My To-do List for Today

1. Write a review article - I have this article already researched and outlined. I was trying to write this before today but never got to it so I'll have this completed today.

2. Complete an article I started 2 days ago - On Tuesday, I started an article for this site but didn't get to finish it. I wanted to complete it yesterday as well but was distracted and lost some time. This is a Website 2 article so today is the perfect day for me to get this done.

3. Watch last Friday's live training - I scheduled this task for yesterday but this also didn't get done. I'll watch this class today as I'm interested in the topic.

4. Write report post - I'll come back later tonight and post my nightly report.

5. Do schedule for Friday - although Friday is my day off, I still have items scheduled for Friday and I intent to get them done. I won't be doing any additional tasks though, maybe just some writing before I head out for the rest of the day.

It's just three tasks so it shouldn't be any problem to get these done. If I have any time, I'll probably add something to the list which I'll mention in my report tonight.

About the song: I just love the sample on the beat and the lyrics and delivery to this song which I discovered years ago but remembered over the years.

"Play on til the day gone" would have been perfect for Friday but since I'm preparing for tomorrow, I'm using this song title as a way of looking forward to what's ahead.

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